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Description of the Book:

Life is full of everything, every emotion, and every graph that goes down but eventually comes up. This is what every teenager goes through. The good parts and the bad parts seem neverending and nervewracking.
The love sequences, the loneliness, the I don't need anyone phase, the I hate my family phase, there is no one I can trust, today was the best day of my life kind of vibes, I am happy after a really longtime phase, I don't know what I want with my life or dinner, from small things to major.
A book that you can relate to, can understand you, I needed when I was at my lowest, feels like a hug, and most of all can go back to after finishing it because it just feels like a friend you always needed.

It's Just Life, It'll Be Over Before You Know It.

  • Author Name: Dhanusha Ranapurwala
    About the Author: Dhanusha Ranapurwala is a teenager who sometimes blends in and sometimes does not. She sometimes feels everything about nothing which led her to write about everything and nothing. She is trying to figure things out while pretending that she has figured out every aspect of her life. So, here's to an attempt to figure things out while you enjoy reading this set of poetry that is about everything and nothing.
    Book ISBN: 9784081655892


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