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Description of the Book:

My entire life I was told that any "unhappy feeling" was all in my head. If my stomach hurt because of anxiety, I was quickly told that it was "all in my head". To help myself heal, I decided that I would express everything in my head. I know I am not the first or last person whose mental health issues or personal experiences will be brushed off by this phrase, so it is my turn to show everyone what is really in my head. These things are relatable, traumatic, raw, and completely healing. I touch on mental health, family dynamics, PTSD, assault, grief, and all the other relative things I have experienced in my short yet long 24 years. I believe words have power and writing has become the sword for me to battle all of my demons and I hope they help others do the same.

It's All In My Head

  • Author Name: Morgan Marie
    About the Author: Morgan Marie is a South Jersey native. She works in E-commerce Marketing and holds a BA in creative writing and a MA in communications. Morgan loves writing pieces based on personal experience and has a great passion for connecting and helping others. When not working, Morgan enjoys spending time with her dog Delilah, friend, and family.
    Book ISBN: 9781005387815


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