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The Book will told you the story of HER, The experiences she got through, The story of her battles , the story takes you to the journey of simple girl who turned out into a woman. The story of pain which she pens down on pages in dark nights. The story of a girl who doesn't even know at first that she is going to write, but her life made her to do the things she never thought of. The book will tell you the story of who she was and who she is right now .The book will give the touch of darkness but at the same time gives ray of hope .The book will tell you the story of a girl who is still finding what is life Gona wants to tell her. The Book is about the journey of her pain which she beautifully turned out into the poems. The Book will tell you the story behind her smile, The story of her mind . The book will tell you the story of her strength because sometimes it's not possible for her to even breath ,But still she wants to feel alive .The story of finding herself. The story of her, who dreams like normal people, who is passionate about her work, who love the nature like nature loves her, who loves everyone beyond the definition of love. The story of her, whose dreams are shattered, whose traumas are that much worse. It's like having a heart but it's not working the way it wants to, whose one smile hide million of tears. The story of her imagination where she thinks how love looks like .The story of her own experiences, the story of her who has a fear of something that one day her own thought will kill her. The story of her who struggled everyday to tell everyone how she really feels, who is trying to find out what her life is?

Introspection Of Her's

SKU: 9789360948764
  • Author's Name: Kshitija Kadam

    About the Author: I find happiness in small things like a flower, sunset ,books & watching sea for infinite times. If you introspect me I'll be full of darkness and light at the same time, Confident and doubtful, wild but kind, and full of love. In the era of roses I'm the sunflower. So this book will take you to the journey of HER. "She isn't her dad's cute princess, she is her mother's strong warrior". The Book is dedicated to my mother. She taught me to hold onto the situation until it gets right and to never give up easily on things you love because one day you'll get everything for once you work hard .To my brother who doesn't even know what I'm going through but the moment he knows what I was going through he never leaves my hand .He plays all the role for me ,of being mother, being father and my supporter. He cried when I cried because he may not understand what I'm going through but he may understand that it's hurting me, so he can feel the pain in my eyes. Thank you for holding me tight when even I was not there to hold myself. According to me " Pain is only cured by Love". Being depressed is very hard but loving someone who is depressed is equally hard but he did love me in that situation .I find my happiness in him. I came a long way to be this version of myself .More to come. More to become. Honouring it all.
    Book ISBN: 9789360948764
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