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Description of the Book :


Through poetry, one can be open, authentic and vulnerable. Intro To is a collection of such stories, an autobiographical tale of mummerings of a poet's soul, a glimpse of Dana Lorien. Some reflect a deep, meaningful search of the mind and heart, others a whimsical appreciation for the mundane offerings of daily life. Together they make a snapshot of an honest, weathered heart seeking understanding of the world and her place in it.

Intro To

  • Author's Name :  Dana M O’Brien
    About the Author :  Dana Lorien was born and raised in the Midwest and has been writing poetry since age twelve. She’s a registered nurse by trade and using everyday experiences as her muse, the written word is her passion. Like most, she enjoys spending quality time with her family, friends and her dog, Norman. Intro To is her first collection of poetry published. @danalorienwrites
    Book ISBN :  9781005730819
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