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Description of the Book:

This book is a tribute to the freedom fighters the of Indian independence. It is a remembrance of the romance they had with patriotism- that passion where death, and loss were of little preciousness. We owe our lives which we lead today with care, and peace to every individual who lit the flames of freedom in their hearts. The poems contained in this book are simple references to a few freedom fighters, but it is a tribute to all martyrs of the movement! Jai Hind!

Into the Mist of Freedom

  • Author's Name: RUPAM GOSWAMI
    About the Author: The author is an assistant professor of electronics and communication engineering at Tezpur University, India. He is the editor of a non-profit international e-magazine, Guwahatian. Apart from his profession, he keeps interest in writing poetry, and curating poems, and write-ups for his magazine. He is the author of 'The Moustached Poet: a few pots of poems'. He has co-edited the poetry book, 'Roses and Rhymes'. The poet maintains his blog at 'The Moustached Poet'.


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