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Description of the Book:

As we go through the hours of the day, shuffling through our routines, so do our interactions with people, emotions, our environment, ourselves and time itself. This book is an attempt to capture some of those interactions tied together with the thin thread of time. Time that has now seemed scarce and much more valuable than ever before.

Interactions in Time

  • Author's Name: Naina Parasher 
    About the Author: Naina Parasher is a blogger, content creator and avid-reader who usually finds herself lost in the digital world of words. As a new-media enthusiast, she is fascinated by the intersection of all things digital and creative. A fan of fictional universes, especially those foundationed on the idea of superheroes defeating all evil, she has a naive proclivity towards believing in the better half of all things true to this world. Embarking on her career aspirations, she wishes to create a world where she can tie together her fondness for traditional media with her fascination with new media in an ephemeral way.
    Book ISBN: 9781005327422


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