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Description of the Book:

This poetry book consists of poems of different genre covering ideas of philosophical depths to societal issues, from simple day-to-day problems to extra-ordinary thinking, from heartbreaking musings to inspiring stories. Every poem of this book has an essense unique to itself.


Inspiron Imprints

  • Author Name: Aastha Valecha
    About the Author: My motivation for service drives the leader, entrepreneur, and researcher to perform to my true potential. I am pusuing my undergraduate from IIT Delhi. During my jouney of clearing JEE, and beyond that in IIT has been quite an experience. I have penned down various ideas that help me grow as a person. Poetry is a new venture for me. It gives me a way to express my thoughts in an inventive and creative way. My style of writing is strong, passionate, bold, and opinionated. I like penning down philosophical ideas as well as the day-to-day challenges and experiences of people. I am also an ardent lover of creative arts like dance, music, and painting.


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