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Description of the Book:

A book filled with anxiety, despair and loss. Yet, it is not devoid of hope, it is filled with pivotal moments of realisation and forgiveness. It is a book of many voices that live in the mind of the author, tempting and persuading her to give up, and so, she wrote them down for all to see. Exposing those voices to the world, making them vulnerable and weak. This book is proof to those struggling that you can overcome the demons that tease you at night, if only you force them to look at themselves.

Inside My Mind

SKU: 9780463808351
  • Author Name: Rhiannon-Kira Gorman
    About the Author: Rhiannon-Kira Gorman is a scriptwriter, blogger and proud member of the LGBTQ+ Community. She recently graduated with a First-Class Honours degree from Manchester Metropolitan University in Film and Media Studies. Rhiannon-Kira currently runs her blog 'Rhiannon Kira Writes' while living with her two cats, Angus and River.
    Book ISBN: 9780463808351


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