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Description of the Book:

After sending my daughter a poem I had thrown together she sent through this challenge of writing 15 poems in 15 days. Many just appeared from out of the blue whilst out walking the dog, having a shower, feeding the chooks or sitting at my desk eating lunch. They’re not be the world’s best but they are ones that convey my feelings at this present time. They tell of my life at this present moment as a mother and wife.

Inside Me

  • Author's Name: Carol Schefe
    About the Author: I was born in far western Qld in a town called Charleville. My father was a stock and station agent and we were transferred all around country Qld and at one point country NSW. After finishing school I worked in the local council until I decided to head overseas. I spent four years working and travelling around England, Europe and Israel. I tried city living but didn’t like it so gained employment at a feedlot and this is where I met my husband. Again we moved around rural Qld for jobs eventually settling in Roma where we now run two successful small businesses and have bought up two beautiful children. The gas company bought the property we lived on so we now own a small block wish we call our head space. We run cattle and I get to play with my horses and talk to my chooks. I have always enjoyed reading, swimming and riding horses. I love art and wish I had more time to pursue this passion.


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