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With strong belief in the words, “In human life, emotion is a very powerful thing. Even in this day and age, people think they are very intellectual. Even today their emotions are the strongest aspect. It’s the most intense aspect of their life. They claim they are intellectual, but their intellect is never so intense, but their emotions are intense. This book tries to connect the emotions of an individual and stays as a support

One of the themes of this book is those moments in one's life when one feels a sense of connection to the situation, to the person, to nature, and to one's true self. words in the book focus on expressing emotions and feelings in a way that makes one feel as if their feelings and emotions are understandable. There is a sense of connection between the individual's feelings and the set of words that are used.
As the name of the book goes, INSCAPE- The Way of Life, this book is a collection of all those tiny moments and experiences of life which we often go through but couldn't ever note it. The book is a doorway for all the emotions and memories to visit you again and make you feel better.
As important as our emotions is the nature we are in. Human beings are an inseparable part of nature and there are plenty of instances to learn from the nature. The book also indulges in the teachings of nature. Therefore, the book serves as a means of both, a heartfelt gratitude towards nature and an awakening thoughts about our emotions.

INSCAPE- The Way of Life

SKU: 9789360947194
  • Author's Name: Swapna P Hiremath

    About the Author: Swapna P Hiremath is a young author who believes that words have strength to reach hearts and treat them the way they are in need of. Currently pursuing her bachelors in civil engineering at UVCE, Bangalore, she keeps herself active and involved in literature works. Her belief in the strength of words and their power inspired her to put all her thoughts and ideas into the form of a book. The motto was to consolidate all ideas and present them in the form of small poems with simple words. Hence the poetry work started and as a result her first e-book was published in the year 2022. Continuing the same dedication, she started writing poems based on human life experiences, the re-treat of nature and many more. While a few poems in this book talk about elements of nature, the others hold the thoughts and ideologies of the author. You can reach the author via her Instagram account swapna_p_hiremath and her email address
    Book ISBN: 9789360947194
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