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Description of the Book:

Ever felt like someone unknown to you just expressed each emotion you feel in words perfectly? That is the magic of poetry. Inked is an anthology of poems, each poem encompassing different themes and emotions, along the lines of love, longing, heartbreak, melancholy, desire, happiness, self-love and so much more all while hiding a story between the lines. It is a rollercoaster ride of feelings that each person goes through, as we make our way through life and what better than to feel like someone understands you from miles away. This book hopes to find a small place in each reader’s heart by touching their souls and that every person finds a piece of themselves while they read each poem crafted with care.

INKED : Musings and Emotions Penned into Poetry

  • Author's Name: Ishani Mishra
    About the Author: Ishani Mishra is a young poet and writer from India, who is setting foot in the world of words, rhyme and poetry with her poetry anthology book- “INKED” Ishani has been a logophile since a very young age, an avid reader who loves the world she can imagine and escape to in each story and a dreamer who finds solace in the thoughts she pens down. She writes about the various emotions that one feels like love, melancholy, darkness, power, happiness and so much more. She doesn’t always have the perfect words to say, to express herself and so she turns to a blank page hoping that the blue ink, flowing through the pen can help her bare her heart and soul.
    Book ISBN: 9781005300753


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