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Description of the Book: 


"because if I am devastated, i am also devastation." Ink and Tears is a product of years of feelings and emotions that are kept bottled up and only let free on paper written with a pen that uses my tears as ink. It has been an escape; a corner to curl into when scared and in doubt, finding comfort in the stability in the constant that are words. Ink and Tears explores the writer's fears and frustrations, flights and fights. It voices that stange pit in our stomachs and that unnamed emptiness in our hearts. Ink and Tears tries to find metaphors to knit life with and looks for the right words to name everything that we experience and to validate the depth of human emotion and the countless dimensions of galaxies we carry in our eyes.

ink and tears

  • Author Name: Nitesh Chouhan
    About the Author: Nitesh grew up in the blue city of Rajasthan, India, where he saw a world he didn't quite understand and never quite asked to be a part of. He's someone who's freshly entered the age of adulthood but exists between the fear of growing old and constantly feeling like an old woman in the mountains with five cats. And that's just one of the countless inner paradoxes he has. Currently, he's a student of economics with interests in gender, climate and intersectional feminism. You can buy him a waffle or send him hoodies on his birthday. Also, he has recently discovered a fondness for anime and iced coffee. He likes to read fantasy and romance, organise his room at 3 AM and listen to k-pop.


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