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Description of the Book:

The poems in this book are an ode to many things dear to my heart like rain, songs and so much more. Rain is a recurring theme in an Indian's life, since we have such a close relationship with the waxing and waning monsoon. The majority of the poems reflect the ambivalence of our feelings towards the rain it is a saint one day and a monster the next. Monsoon and its vagaries has such a firm place in our heart, so the poems are sure to resonate, atleast ever so slightly with the person who reads them.

The other poems are reflections of random thoughts often occurring in the author's mind.


  • Author Name: Raizel Michelina Suresh

    About the Author:  Raizel Michelina Suresh loves reading books of all kinds and writes short stories and poetry as a hobby. Her main inspiration to write was Anne Frank, whose diary changed her perception of life entirely. She loves living vicariously through other people's experiences in biographies, story books and histories. Currently she lives with her parents, sister and her little Welsh Corgi, Bertie.
    Book ISBN: 9783296424514


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