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Description of the Book:

INFINITE…… THOUGHTS……These two words and that’s it! Couldn’t describe it any better!

Have a happy and comfortable reading!


  • Author Name:  GREESHMA SURAM
    About the Author: What started as therapeutic hobby to deal with the grief, I happened to stumble upon this notso secretive lair of thoughts. That being said, thoughts can be buzzing and bizarre. Mathematically and metaphorically speaking, THOUGHTS can extend up to INFINITE lengths and ocean depths. As much as it can be a struggle to organize them, on a whole, it has become a beautiful process in discovering more of myself. Grabbing this amazing opportunity Bookleaf's 21 Days Writing Challenge, I have enclosed my raw, simple and straightforward thoughts for you to dive in. And who knows, you may go like "Guess I am not alone after all!"
    Book ISBN: 9780968235638


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