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Description of the Book :


Moments fall around us like confetti; magical and beautiful and worth the time you take to appreciate them. Hidden in the quiet corners of your room on a rainy evening, wrapped in a warm blanket. Tucked away in pages of your favourite books and sprinkled over your coffee cups on cold mornings. Beautiful, caring moments; when you don't feel alone. The beauty of being just as you are.

Infinite moments

SKU: 9798201902278
  • Author's Name :  M.R.Leary
    About the Author :  Mia lives in England. She is currently an A level student working in English Literature, Art and Photography. She is incredibly creative and loves rainy days, coffee mornings and a good vintage shop. Mia takes inspiration from cool days and watching the world go by and uses this to write her poetry. In her spare time she enjoys painting and all kinds of craft but is never content to stick to one singular thing.
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