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Inevitable Conclusions stems from the life of someone whose morning showers, commutes to work, and hikes up mountains are spent thinking or having conversations with long distance friends. In this book are a series of poems that reflect these moments and feelings as a mid-twenty-something year old. Perhaps some of these truths will come to stand against time while others morph into an otherness.

Inevitable Conclusions

SKU: 9789360942861
  • Author's Name: MOLLY EMERSON

    About the Author: Molly Emerson embodies the energy of the grandma we all know and love. A little kooky, but god does she bake some of the most delicious treats and deliver some awesome hugs. She currently works as a Radiation Therapist up and down the East Coast and when she isn't exploring new cities, splits her time between the farmstead she grew up on in Western New York or in Chapel Hill with her little family. The greatest loves of her life include, but are not limited to: earl grey lattes, chocolate croissants, cheese curds, her partner Paul and their "kids" Ziva and Bunny, afternoon rainstorms, plum colored lipstick, long dresses, the smell of peonies, and a good reading chair.
    Book ISBN: 9789360942861
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