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Description of the Book:


Some things just can't be put into words yet with words they find wings to soar and help others relate by making homes in their sweet nests. Thus, these set of poems are my humble attempts to depict the journey of a newly blossomed adult as they set foot into the "real" world and experience highs and lows that life throws at them. 

Ineffable Trails

SKU: 9781005097295
  • Author Name: Katie Knight
    About the Author: A woman on a journey to discover herself past the constrains imposed by a 9-5 corporate job. A dreamer who dared to hope that one day her words would reach and touch many more souls and somewhere on the back of those emotions, strangers would feel they belong in this world. A wanderer and a lost soul, walking and exploring onwards, feeling it all.
    Book ISBN: 9781005097295


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