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Poetry written from the heart and intentionally channeled to resonate with the emotional soul. Dive into the healing waters and experience the range of emotion that reminds us what it means to be alive. From birth and death to grief and love. Prepare to be seen and appreciated for all of the beautiful and traumatic things that you have survived. Stand by to begin your journey towards a joyous and gratified life.

Indigo Gold Poetry for the Soul

SKU: 9789360941505
  • Author's Name: Down River Indigo

    About the Author: Nature Guide, Military Veteran and Ocean Advocate, Down River Indigo is devoted to Nature and dedicated to healing the Earth. She is committed to creating wellness in others by bringing awareness of the Natural World. Blending Art & Nature to create one-of-a-kind Experiences and hand-carved souvenirs, she guides others to connect with the wild in a way that builds their confidence and reminds them of the importance of every person’s unique purpose in this world. Her mission is to generate waves and ripple effects that inspire others to create sustainable and beneficial change in their own internal and external environments. By personally facilitating Ocean Clean Up Operations, she is connecting to the water and highlighting the importance of our Oceans and how our everyday choices contribute to the health and function of this valuable resource. She believes inspired people positively impact the entire world and her desire is to inspire others to realize their potential in a natural way.
    Book ISBN: 9789360941505
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