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Description of the Book:

We live this life, again and again, we do similar things over and over, we live in these fixed equations with few variables. We make same mistakes. We start to like these mistakes and blame the stars for their fault. We all wander in imagination, we all want to fly when we see the empty sky at night, there is nothing which we don’t want to or have already accomplished in our minds, why can’t we do the same in real life. I think our beliefs, culture, our thoughts, our fears stop us. In this book, I tried to express my feelings which keep me awake every night. I wrote this book to talk to myself, to answer the unanswered questions this universe put in front of me; give it a read You may find something related to your life too.


  • Author Name: Arjun Sharma
    About the Author: Exploring myself by embracing all the ordinary and not so ordinary things about me and everyone around. Writing to me is something which helps me to define myself; it is a mean for me to forget and forgive people who I thought were special in my life. I am about to complete my Master’s degree but the day when I will say I have truly mastered something will be the day when I be able to write with both hands. Believe me, it is very hard.


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