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Description of the Book:

Inception is an assorted anthology compiling the mundane tales, its people, their roles & obligations, internal voices, and mindful events that occur in & around us. The collection of twenty bricks reveals ample about the blue orb we live on. ‘Charades of Chess’ and ‘Analogies’ are resemblance tales, illuminate the life as a slave to worldly craft and deception. ‘Vengeance’ portrays nature as a vindictive ruler. It contrasts the state of the earth before & after the human intervention that triggers the natural balance & discusses wickedness & barbaric human deeds that wipe the entire fraternity off this earth. Every creature & component of this entire ecosystem wails in tears. Generosity dooms everywhere until nature seeks vengeance becoming the karma to their deeds. ‘Daughter of Meadows’ enlightens the mind about the power of rain. It personifies rain as a woman because of their resemblances to hard work & dedication with which she nourishes her family, alike rains which govern the chariots of agricultural economy. ‘The Road’, ‘Somewhere, Sometime’, ‘Euphoria’, and ‘Me & You’ describe the social and romantic encounters that two humans experience while brushing through their dynamic stages of life. ‘The Road’ elucidates the romantic moments in the setting of cherry blossom laid pathways and meanders where the couple spends their time walking along in the beautiful lanes. ‘Meeting My Moon’ is the gen-Z love tale in the hills. ‘Euphoria’ is a beautiful midnight love encounter while ‘Somewhere, Sometime’ and ‘Me & You’ are two romantic escapades set in the hills where their mystique evolves whilst adoring the exotic vista. ‘The Beautiful Black’ brings in the issue of the unacceptability of a diverse community into the limelight and how it has evolved. It chronicles two humans who experience the wondrous feeling of love and are later oppressed by the society which consequently results in the death of an inmate while the other grows up as a rebel & stands up to support the community and promote equality. Their joy is exalted when the court issues the legislation of their acceptance in the community where they are welcomed with equal reverence & pride. ‘Love and Type’ and ‘Beauty of Woods’ are about an explorer who finds love in natural dynamism & lives in the ecstasy of having adventures, from hills to beaches via deserts, surviving the toughest of forests. ‘Warrior of Willows’ talks of an average farmer dad who battles each day on the field to feed his family & works in the worst of summers with unrequited determination to have a sound nourishment of his successor and aims to have a collective growth of the nation. ‘The Tri-Color Tigers’ is a patriotic tale about the rendezvous between two countries where-in the evil pervasion of one succumbs and the sacrifices of gallantry heroes are avenged. ‘Oscar’ is set in the mournful mood where the loyalty of a dog & its affection are set in a pleasant fragrance while illustrating the ruthlessness of his master whose pretense doesn’t even mercy any kind over the creature amid the outrageous weather where it dies cold-blooded as none comes to its rescue. The dog recalls the memories it had with its master while he calls out his name for one last time, drops in a moment of silence. ‘The Blood Moon’s Bash’ entrails the human powers that disclose the weakness & deceptive evil sides while sensing the right path. This tale over self-actualization sets in the shades of Halloween where one tries to control their cravings, keeps check on their evil sides, discovers one’s strength, and sets off towards their goals with all their might whilst leaving their inclinations & distractions aside. ‘Purple Visions’ is a cherishment of everyday experience of walking on the road post the pandemic time. ‘Her’, ‘No More’, and ‘No More 2.0’ are about the introspection & self-realization of an individual as one battles with mental and social traumas. It also exhibits loneliness, which a person can experience even in crowd. ‘Her’ favors the fort as the life of a woman, who is an elegant and modest lady with desirable attributes and possess an impressive personality that makes her the apple of everyone’s eye but there lies a gloom concealed at her core which remains unexplored & triggers her emotions internally to stay aloof. As time passes by, she sits down to introspect her strengths and actualize the reality of self-worth where she wins over her gloom & prizes away her smile at par in excellence. Hope that helps.

Inception: The Anthology

  • Author's Name: ANSHIKA SAXENA
    About the Author: Anshika Saxena is a 23 yr old engineering & management student, born and brought up in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India. She has completed her undergraduate degree from Indian Institute of Food Processing Technology, Tamil Nadu in 2019. She is passionate about nature and has expressed her love for writing through the book Inception: The anthology. Her love for writing flared from the experiences of travelling and time spent while cherishing the natural beauty.
    Book ISBN: 9781005275945


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