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Description of the Book:

This book is all about the little things I feel and write about . There are poems about nature , my passion , myself. I write most of my poems from my personal experiences which I am sure you as a reader would also connect to . This book has poems that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster.

Inara : Shine your Light

  • Author's Name: Akshaya Vaishyak
    About the Author: " The most important thing in anything you do , is always trying your hardest. Because even if you try your hardest and it's not as good as you hoped , you still have that sense of not letting yourself down . " This is my favourite quote by Tom Holland ( the actor ) as it really inspired me and I can relate to it . Well I'm the typical june Gemini and yes I can be VERY moody and that is exactly how most of the poems have been written. My mom and dad split up when I was six and it was hard to deal with but yes I did not let it change me . Instead I turned it into my strength which today makes me who I am , my past inspires me to make a better future.


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