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Description of the Book:

I haven't yet started writing poetry books around themes. It seems to be an enormous amount of effort to me. Therefore, the poems in this collection are not motivated by any particular thought and are the result of a random process. Yet, I have worked very hard to write them and am proud to say that they have come out much better than I expected. Repeating my thoughts from earlier, I hope this collection will enable me to add my name to the long list of poets who have charmed their readers over the centuries. I thank you for taking the time to read this collection, and I hope you will love the poems as much as I have loved writing them.

In Nature, I Find Myself and Other Poems

  • Author Name:Rohit P. Ullal
    About the Author:The poet, Rohit P. Ullal, lives in Bengaluru, India. He likes to scribble things from time to time, and some of these scribblings take the form of poems. Apart from writing poetry, this author also likes to write short stories.


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