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Description of the Book :


This book of poetry harbors protean emotions that no human is exempt from. The words crafted here speak of inspirations that end in that dwelling that one seeks out in curiosities and disappointments. These spaces always have a clock running it's time out. The collection of poems here is the building of a personal and a universal shrine of the good and the bad. It looks to speak of how that dwelling soon turns into that push, where one is ready to move on with an armour of the lessons learnt from the past.

In Lieu of Speech

  • Author's Name :  V Kayal
    About the Author :  V Kayal is an English Literature graduate from the spirited and serene city of Chennai. She lives by Adrienne Rich's words of how "every poem breaks a silence that has to be overcome." Her creative journey began one evening, rather spontaneously, when she tried to describe in her mind an old, happy lady she came across on her way home from school. There has been no looking back since that first taste of the art of creating. She also believes that the anger at the tip of one's pen is more fruitful than the anger at the tip of one's tongue.
    Book ISBN :  9780463676066
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