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Description of the Book:

This book is a collection of poetry that I have written since I was 16 - there is a variation within the book, within each poem in terms of point of view. This book is a collection of poetry that depicts my growth and evolution in this world over the years, and the experiences that lead to it. I have called this book "In Conversation with the Universe" because most of these poems are the thoughts and emotions I have penned down when I was alone, in silence and in an absolute state of peace.

In Conversation with the Universe

  • Author Name: Apoorva Bunglae
    About the Author: My name is Apoorva, and I am a sustainability professional, artist, writer, dancer, cook, traveler... okay, perhaps a Jill of all trades. I grew up in a small town called Mysore - a city of great culture and history. The city and all the wonderful places around it have been the source of inspiration for many of my poems. I am very passionate about my profession, but writing has always been there with it. Perhaps if I hadn't become an engineer, I would have been a journalist or an English professor. Who knows? Writing is in my blood - in fact, my grandfather is a writer too. Writing has always been the most efficient form of communication for me, poetry in particular. This book is the first step for me to share my thoughts and emotions with the world, and I hope that it will be one of many.
    Book ISBN: 9780463726570


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