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Description of the Book:

Greeting wellness, dissolving judgments is a way to transform the tragedies of life. To decode the meaning of consciousness, entering into a vicious cycle of conflicts becomes imperative. The dark void that seems to be hollow from afar, in reality, holds all the answers needed to grow beyond guilt and wipe away the tears of inner turmoil. Our experiences are like the beats of the heart, which at one point gives us a sense of euphoria while in another minute it gives grief and hopelessness. However, the magic lies in acceptance and demystifying the darkness. Life can never nor should be the same; it is all about finding novel junctions and rest upon them. We only need to chant one mantra, and that is - Embracing the gamut of expressions.


    About the Author: Ishani Bhattacharya stumbled upon the field of writing while struggling with spiritual evolution. She wanted to escape from the prison of the dark realizations, and so with a heart trembling with fear, she scribbled her expressions. She has now reached the calmer waters yet procrastinating to act upon the realizations, and so she decided to collect her expressions and see how far she has come. Ishani is a second-year student of Mass Communication and is completing her Masters' degree from Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune. She is a recipient of the Fledgling Writer Award and has co-authored in 15+ anthologies so far. Some of her favorite expressions are Balsamic Moon- The Coach of Sentiments, Distraction- The Child Of Protection, The Voice of the Void, and An Unrequited flame- An unapologetic desire.
    Book ISBN: 9781005573010


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