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Description of the Book:


Isn’t it funny that we keep learning from life, and repeating the same funny instances, which were supposed to teach us something huge? Life has its way of protecting, and building us, working mysteriously! In the process, we learn, we grow, and we become the best version of ourselves, who would have been the inspiration the 10-year-old us; only when we pause, listen, appreciate, and stay open to learning.
This book touches upon some salient life lessons, narrated via short poems, that stay with the readers, long after they have put the book down. You would explore a spectrum of - emotions, love, life, nature, confidence, gratitude, relationships, and space, within this tiny book. My first book touched upon the beauty of life; this book is going to inspire gratitude in this generous marathon of life.

Impressions from pockets of life

SKU: 9789360945329
  • Author's Name: Sweta Satapathy

    About the Author: Sweta Satapathy is a lifelong storyteller, specializing in fantasy, philosophy, and metaphors. She can be usually found scribbling poems, and when she is not writing she is a corporate professional; forever daughter, sister, and aunt to an amazing nephew. Student for life, she loves exploring new ideas, writing across platforms, cooking something delicious, or adding quotes to conversations, that get imprinted on readers’ minds. Having been a writer since the age of ten, she loves exploring dimensions of the multiverse through her words. This book presents a few etchings as life lessons, narrated by poems.
    Book ISBN: 9789360945329
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