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Description of the Book:

This book contains poem on Imam e Reza who is the eighth Imam in the series of Imams from the household of the prophet. A sad, tragic stamp characterised his life from its grievous beginning till its painful end. Imam e Reza's Shrine is in Mashhad. My first poem is Mashhad calling the experience we had in Mashhad and then so on. I have also written about the Birthday and Burial of Imam e Reza. Readers will enjoy reading.

Imam e Reza ( Most Meritorious)

  • Author Name: Alina Zaidi
    About the Author: Alina Zaidi is a Homemaker; Writing Poems is a passion for her. She is writing poems from the age of 13, and her poems were published in Indian Express from that age. Her Husband, Abis Zaidi, is Management Professional at MNC. Mother of two amazing kids, She is living in NCR.
    Book ISBN: 9781005308667


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