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Description of the Book :


Any one who ever fall in love will love to see what's inside of it. I have been told that anything done with love and anything that is said kindly or from heart reaches heart(at least in several cases apart from bollywood drama). It has all the feelings that one may feel. The reminiscing part, the hopess love, the dark days, the good things that came and hot, steamy passion full of butterflies. I do not have much to tell about the book because as large and vast love is, it is as unexplainable and harder to write of. This book is an attempt to pen my feelings and let more and more people know of it. I want more people to connect with it. And if possible reach hearts and grab a soft suitable corner in it.

Illusions Of You: Love is all but Illusion and Forever is all but a Lie.

SKU: 9781005398040
  • Author's Name: Aahistaa
    About the Author: Hey Dear Reader, I am author of this book, Aahistaa, which means 'slow' or 'with patience, steadily'. I believe patience is the key but I very much am restless. I am afraid of judgements and confrontations. The things most people like about me is my liveliness and the air of easiness and sunlight I carry. I have been blessed with a sweet tongue to sugar coat anything. And at times it makes me believe not everything is a blessing and we can use anything for our betterment. I like being in shadows away from eyes, where no sight could reach. I don't have multiple personality disorder but I do have many facades. My hobbies are fashion designing, art and craft, sketching, calligraphy, mandala art, reading novels, writing poems and proses, cooking (especially junkies and chaats) and recently novel writing is making it's way in my daily life as well. I think that all sums up. Have a gracious day.
    Book ISBN: 9781005398040


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