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Description of the Book:

This poetry book is about emotions of
Love, Despair, Life, Hope and Passion
And few other thoughts and things in between

It was written with a thought to offer readers to sit back and dive into the world of poetry
Poetry that attempts to touch the soul

And an attempt to render hope that at the end of tunnel there is light waiting for all of us always

illuminate from within

  • Author Name: Mani Karnwal
    About the Author: Mani is an engineer by profession but her heart belongs to writing and travelling She views everything as an art and appreciates it in every form. From leaves growing on trees to shining stars to a persons thoughts to movie making to music it’s all art she says and quotes that when art speaks for itself the world listens. Also an admirer of stories A girl who likes to have her tea in mountains caressing her dog friend She is a huge fan of photographs both clicking and watching old ones
    Book ISBN: 9782454864070


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