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Description of the Book:

We seek healing - a desperate refuge - rather passionately. We idealize growth so much that we forget to give credits where it is due: this moment, right here. In search of conditional aspirations (if) and the life thereafter (then), we tend to get farther away from being in the now. if, then. is a short collection of poetry that lays out a bare perspective on life, death, and everything in between. The chapbook is not bound by genres, rhymes, rhythm, or concordance. if, then. embraces more than one literary theme as it touches upon multiple subjects ranging from self, surrounding, present, nostalgia, identity, and more. Its structureless flow allows for an intimate conversation between the author and the reader.

if, then. : A Poetry Chapbook

  • Author Name:Divya
    About the Author:Divya is a poet, writer and non-fiction author with an inclination for visual arts and classical philosophy. She also takes inspiration from minimalism, vers libre, and all things nature. More often than not, her works represent introspection with undertones of urgency originating from lived and witnessed experiences.


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