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Description of the Book :


Hardship. Pain. Love. Conquering the past to see a better future. Poems of heartache, to finding love and finding one self in all the pain.

If I could see me now

  • Author's Name : Heather Garcia
    About the Author : My name is Heather Garcia. I live in Texas and have all of my life. I love to travel and sight see. My bucket list consist of Ireland and Italy and of course many more wonderful places this world has to offer. Poetry has always been my one true love when it comes to writing. It can always take you to deepest of feelings or just a simple haiku that makes you laugh. I’ve been married to my wonderful husband since 12/23/2013. He is my rock and my biggest inspiration in life and of course my biggest cheerleader. He pushes me to get outside of my box and makes me be better.
    Book ISBN : 9789977387536
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