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Description of the Book :


"If Butterflies Could Talk" comes together as a collage of interconnected reflections, anecdotes, dreams, love notes, and detours from reality. It glimpses into Kirchhofer's tumultuous emotions, fluttering anticipation of the future, wavering state of being, and the complexities of being alive.

If Butterflies Could Talk

  • Author's Name : Megan Kirchhofer
    About the Author : Megan Kirchhofer was born in Portland, Oregon, and raised about 80 miles east in the small, rural community of The Dalles. Megan's aptitude for language and passion for expression through the written word drives them as they work towards completing their BA in Creative Writing and MA in Poetry. This is their first collection of poetry and is the product of over a decade of passion, heartbreak, trauma, introspection, reflection, and growth.
    Book ISBN : 9781902828114
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