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Description of the Book:

the only currency I have is of words. I may not be able to buy you the gems of wisdom, but sure enough, can lure my best friend Despair away from you. So, that we, both you and I, can spend some time together.

in our limited time, I would try to say, what you always thought, but couldn't sell to the merchants of acceptance and tolerance, in the bazaars of the present.

in this limited time, in which I look into your eyes, my reader, and show you the items, I bought for you with my (word) pennies a petal of truth, a wine about love, a vinyl on art, and some bracelets about life.

in our limited time, let's visit the freeverse melting pot, where you enjoy peace, and I enjoy your eyes. the bill's on me, my words :)

idle stare

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