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Description of the Book:

I rose in love, When I found you!
The most heartfelt collection of poems on love. For my love. When a blessing takes a shape and a dream takes a form, they look like her. And when she appeared to me, this world looked like her. This book is a collection of all those emotions that bring me each day to the shore of happiness. If such love, you could find…do let them know, what it means to see the world in them and what it stands to be in that world! When such emotions find place in you, let them become your gift!!


  • Author Name:Bhanuprakash Singh
    About the Author:Bhanuprakash Singh is an engineer and a writer. He studied his Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering for the pride of machines and Bachelor of Arts in English Literature for the love of words. He is from Hyderabad and lives in Chennai, India. He enjoys travelling, painting and blogging. For more poetry from him, visit You can follow him on Instagram @WriterBhanu and also write to him on


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