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Description of the Book:


Divided into two sections, ‘Looking Outward’ and ‘Looking Inward’ this chapbook is Humaira Kapadia’s debut poetry collection. Filled with views that oscillate between observations of the self and society-these poems offer a synchronous narrative that is personal and political. Diverse themes such as patriarchy, gratitude, radical capitalism, calling out diet culture as well as grappling with an identity beyond empiricism are explored. Ultimately, I’m Looking seeks to engage the postmodern reader in a psychospiritual analysis of our shared human experiences.

I'm Looking

  • Author's Name: Humaira Kapadia
    About the Author: 
    Humaira Kapadia was born and raised in Mumbai, India. She has degrees in Economics and Psychology. Humaira teaches undergraduate students and enjoys writing poetry, spiritual reflections and book reviews on her Medium blog. This is her first book. Your feedback, suggestions, and/or constructive criticisms are incredibly valuable to her. She can be reached via email at for the same.


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