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Description of the Book:

Write to me Write me a poem Of those that are reserved for the femme fatale Of those that are written for pretty girls To the free and mysterious ones Because no one ever wrote to me So I wrote to myself An ode to my black eyes A reference to the coffee I make in the mornings Look at me how they look at the star of the movie Look at me like you saw me Hear me as if you listened And listen like you cared Value, at least in this few lines, how I always laugh at your jokes, and how I never follow the recipe , although we both know how that ends; How I can philosophize out of nothing How I dance when I do the dishes And how I always I make time for you Write to me It doesn’t matter what Just write to me Or will I write to myself again ~Better yet, I will write myself a book

I Don't Know How to Offer You Infinities

  • Author's Name: Ro Moniquez
    About the Author: If my poems introduced me what would they say? Suspiciously happy for such dramatic writing, always willing to listen to your problems over a cup of coffee, lives for sunny days and friends and family, loves her dog more than life itself and likes poetry in Spanish, licks the yogurt lid and can’t whistle. That’s all you need to know, all the rest it’s just formalities, Born in Uruguay in 1992, went to University in.. blah blah blah


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