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Description of the Book :


I Can't Recall The Last We Saw of Him contains lyrics of the astray, cherished odes to nature and treasuring the connection with loved ones, despite the disagreements and despair. This series of poems live with the present and appreciate the charms of everyday life. Step inside to experience a scenic landscape of prose.

I Cant Recall - The Last We Saw of Him

  • Author Name : Alice Xu

    About the Author : Alice Xu is a lover of books and drawing; passionate about art and writing since she was a child, she has always looked up to those gifted with the weaving of words. Alice has been a finalist in various art awards such as KAAF Art prize, winner of Noel Chettle Memorial Art Prize and had works displayed in the Art Gallery of NSW. The fondness of art came from her stories and stories would emerge from her art. This anthology is the first step of Alice’s writing voyage.

    Book ISBN : 9781005572068


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