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Description of the Book:

The intention is to unnerve, not to scare, although I am both scared and not often - moments of paranoia that I'll be driving in the dark and approach an otherworldly creature, splattering it across the hood, high beam lights bloodied. This poetry collection explores existentialism, relationships, flesh and the unknown - often intersecting and convoluting each other. Letters of sorrow, of love, of finding yourself alone, of encountering things in the dark.

I Can Hear Everything Ending

  • Author's Name: Hannah Dunn
    About the Author: I like film photos and to film videos outside in the dark. I don’t like jump scare horrors but I like the conceptual element of fear, of things going bump in the night. Hannah Dunn is an emerging artist focused on video art, painting and writing. Her illustrations are featured in the Australian sci-fi magazine Aurealis, and photographic and video art can be found on her website. This is her first poetry collection.
    Book ISBN: 9781005597450


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