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Description of the Book:

An incomplete collection of my bewildering adventures as I stumble on ahead on this wild ride.
An attempt to gain new perspective towards the mundane and monotonous.
An ardent invitation to hold a discourse on things taken for granted, whether consciously or subconsciously.
And ultimately, a desperate endeavour to found a legacy
In order to avoid slipping into Oblivion once I'm physically redundant.

I Bare, You Fathom: An Oeuvre

  • Author Name: Natasha Fernandez
    About the Author: An Architect (partly by profession and partly driven by passion), with an unmatched love for food and words, I often find myself using these three fortes synonymously with each other. Since I believe that Architecture, words and food can unite multitudes literally, metaphorically and emotionally, there is hardly a moment in the routine of my life where I am not found either designing, eating or writing. Of course, in the rare occasion that I'm not, I am binging shows or podcasts about True Crime, the Paranormal, Food, Architecture or fascinating fiction pieces.
    Book ISBN:  9787466840654


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