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Description of the book : 


This poetry collection explores themes of identity, migration, the importance of place, loss, grief and the meaning we ascribe to our lives. From the courage to see an alternative future through dreams to inspiration gained by the transcendence of a global icon, Mary weaves meaning into the ordinariness of everyday. The theme of social justice runs through the poems effortlessly. A year of incomparable global impact 2020 is explored with a focus on the people most vulnerable; refugees in detention, the elderly, those suffering mental health conditions and the alienated. Levity is much needed in such times, there is also hope, laughter and quirky interactions.

I am sun drenched dreams

  • Author Name : Mary Chydiriotis
    About the Author : Mary lives in Melbourne, in Boon Wurrung country. She is of Greek heritage, her parents arriving in Australia during the post war migration boom. She was born and grew up in inner city Richmond.Mary is passionate about social justice and has worked in the community sector for 30 years. She has travelled to Greece on many occasions and lived there briefly in the 90's. Her poems have been published in local and international anthologies and journals .In 2019, a selection of Mary's poems featured in 'Poetry of the Sun and the Sea: from Homer to Slam poetry' a Greek Studies course at La Trobe University. Loud and Red, her first collection of poetry was published by Ginninderra Press, in 2020. A collaborative collection with poets Laura Brinson and Vasilka Pateros, 'Thread' was published in 2021.Mary also loves books and dogs, coffee, hats, and the artist forever known as Prine


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