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Description of the Book:

"I am an artist" is a collection of poems written by Akinjay Jha. Written from a personal artistic standpoint, the book is thoughts and ideas expressed in the poems on various things called life. A artist expressing through his art of various walks of life; love, hate, social constructs, emotions, even the daily things around us, expressing and emoting their stories.

I am An Artist : Make Art of Life is what I do

  • Author's Name: Akinjay Jha
    About the Author: Akinjay Jha is an engineering student living true to the adage that, “Engineers can do anything…except engineering”. He has published a collection of poetry too and is available. Born in India, he was also raised in Qatar and Oman where he graduated high school and back to his birth land for undergraduate studies, he certainly knows a thing or two about “third culture” and “the NRI experience”. He also enjoys his hobbies with playing multiple instruments, being a sitcom lover, and an avid sportsperson – he was selected for Oman U-19 national cricket camp. However, in college he truly found love for his passion of theatre and writing. Writing his own drama and written for his college dramatics club, he learnt and understood his artistic side and embraced it into his writing. Other than overthinking or binge-watching, he can also be found drooling over internet recipes and/or working out to lose the calories from his favourite hobby of baking.
    Book ISBN: 9781005735029


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