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Description of the Book:

This book is composed of twenty poems illustrating dreamlike slices of time. They are nostalgic adventures, provoked by experiences in nature. They are about change and the resistance against it, the emergence and simultaneous retraction of old and new alike, and the pulsating energy that nature offers. The poems explore how obvious dualisms can collapse when the pristine and the afflicted intertwine. On these journeys, the experience of the world is both mundane and full of wonders.

Humble spectacles

  • Author Name: Karoline Vielemeyer
    About the Author: Karoline Vielemeyer is a film director and editor based in Germany. She holds a BfA in Theatre Arts from Mount Holyoke College (USA) and studied film directing at Prague Film School. She is a recipient of the John Woods Scholarship for Creative Writing to attend the Prague Summer Program for Writers. She received an honorary mention at the Judith Stark Creative Writing Contest. Three of her previous poems were published in Verdad Magazine.
    Book ISBN: 9781005241490


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