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Description of the Book:

My favourite part about poetry is how other readers can connect so deeply with words written by a stranger. When you find a poem you relate to, it almost makes you question the fact that how can someone write exactly how you feel which is one of the most beautiful parts about it. In this book, you’ll come across poetry ranging through a spectrum of topics. Whether it’s the most most mundane things in life and how they make you feel or the deep emotions involving feelings of deep sadness, love or happiness. If anyone else feels a little more understood after reading any of these poems, my aim of writing these poems would be fulfilled. If I had to describe the book in a line- it would probably be, “A room tour of my heart."

Hues of the Heart: The Spectrum of Emotions.

  • Author's Name: Janat Dhanwani
    About the Author: A term which says ‘sleep-deprived dreamer’ can be best used to describe Janat. She is currently a 12th grader who was born and brought up in India for most part of her life. Writing has been her favourite form of self expression since she did not know how to spell the word itself. 2 of her poems have been published in poetry journals which makes this her third venture. She cannot wait to explore and delve deeper into the world of writing. She is passionate about anything and everything that has to do with creativity. An avid reader who loves literature, immersing herself in the world of different characters from different stories be it books or movies is her little way of escaping from this world into her own little world. Showing someone poetry that she has written feels like removing a piece of her clothing is what she says because she believes sharing poetry is sharing parts of yourself that are buried deep inside of you. You can find her on instagram! @janatdhanwani
    Book ISBN: 9781005571023


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