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Description of the Book:

Life is full of pretty hues. Sometimes the colors are faded and sometimes they are bright. This book includes twenty poems about the hues of life. Since from the childhood you start your journey and start examining the life with your point of view as well. This book is somewhat relates to our day to day life like incidents of childhood, beings amazed at other’s life, love of your life, tours to other places etc. The author has given meanings to these memorable moments. So, go through this book and indulge yourself in her world.

Hues of life

  • Author Name: Rupali Rajput
    About the Author: Rupali Rajput is a small town girl, hails from Jammu and Kashmir (Paradise on Earth), India. She is working as an Assistant Manager in J&K Bank. Prior to her banking profession, she is fond of giving rhythms to her memorable moments which insists her to become a writer. Rupali has completed her first ever book, Hues of Life, which relates to her life’s catchy moments. She has poetry handle on instagram @lifeverses2021 where she shares her writings daily. If you follow her ig handle, you will come across her beautiful poetry. Moreover, she is working on some anthology as a co-author as well.
    Book ISBN: 9781005256937


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