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Description of the book


Greetings to you all ! Thank you for buying this book. Hope you will like it. :)
It is a collection of bunch of poems that I have written in the past two years. Well, when I wrote these, my intention was to make these into songs, but they do fit greatly in this category as well, after all, music and poem are different branches of the same tree. 

The poems might not all be related to one another or they might not be of the same theme, but then again, it depends on the reader, depends on the interpretation. Well, there's one thing in common, they are all my creations, so they are in some way related to my life, not all, but mostly. 

I have always had a affection towards subtle speeches and meaningful yet metaphorical verses, so these book probably reflects all of that, probably reflects all of me. 

Have a nice time reading. Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.

How I wish to be a Cloud

  • Author Name: Sk Babul Akhtar
    About the Author: Hi ! Greetings to you all ! Hope you guys are doing well and good. I am from Kolkata, and I am an engineer. Occasionally I like to write these type of poems and stuff. If you like them, just let me know, I will appreciate that. **wink** **wink** . I have also a keen interest in photography, and music and also a big big football fan (Visca el Barca). These hobbies are my way out from all the negativities that the world dumps upon me. A piece of free advice : Chase your hobbies :) , they will make you feel at HOME.You can reach out to me at Also My Instagram : babul_akhtar_06And My YouTube Channel, where me and my friend post travel vlogs : BhromonographyI wish you all the best in your future endeavors, whatever it be.
    Book ISBN: 9781005089795


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