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Description of the Book :

A collection of poetry dealing with themes of race, culture and identity. By speaking to specificity of how certain bodies move through/ are forced to navigate the world we can find universal understanding and break down the once indestructible barriers to discover transformative empathy. Told from many perspectives How Far? challenges all of us to step outside of ourselves and the baggage of preconceived notions to truly see the world we live in. How far are you willing to go? 'We live on in a morbid way Immortalised through their misconceptions and intentional mistakes Vindictive villain or victim Saint or Sinner I guess we can never be human' How true this continues to be depends on all of us. Refine your lens and find solutions with 'A Series of Complicated Answers'

How Far? - A Series of Complicated Answers

  • Author Name : Emoefeoghene (Efe) Akpofure Imoyin-Omene
    About the Author : Efe is a Yr13 student currently studying Philosophy & Ethics, English Literature and Psychology. His passion for writing has been omnipresent from an early age allowing him to articulate, curate and imagine his way out of the unbearable loneliness that follows isolation. Isolation because of skin colour, gender expression or viewpoint. Whether it is entering the Young Writer's Competition in Norfolk, working on an English Blog and accompanying podcast and Instagram page with his friends, working with the National Centre for Writing and transforming his social media platforms into organisms engineered to foster his thoughts, ambitions to amplify his voice and by proxy boost the voices of those who've remained voiceless for too long, and his musings/ works in progress; Efe's love of writing runs deeper than the river Nile. Like his influences and inspirations James Baldwin, Nicola Yoon, Jackie Kay, Chinua Achebe, Janet Mock, Beyoncé, Brandy and Nina Simone, he hopes this collection can reflect the times, be a part of illuminating a freer future for others and transcend the boundaries that none of us should be beholden to.
    Book ISBN : 9781005572464


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