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Description of the Book:

Hope Evens Out is a collection of poems attempting to navigate through a wide range of emotions. The centric thought is a ray of light, which every human searches for at least once in life. It is a memoir of heartbreaks and breakthroughs, and everything in between. A journey through highs and lows, which will instill a feeling of courage to tread and unravel all the paths the heart yearns for. Every evennumbered creation is based on Hope, to highlight the fact that no matter what the struggle is, hope will eventually even it out.

Hope Evens Out

  • Author Name: Malvika Kushwah
    About the Author: I befriended words very early and stepped into the world of poetry to find solace for raging emotions, not always easily expressed. Books, brownies, and blues make my life. 
    Book ISBN: 9782433790390


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