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Description of the Book:

Before you start, reading my collection of thoughts, I would like to thank you for choosing to spend some precious time for being with me in this journey of mine. I did not have plans to write something with an intention to publish them, but I do want them to reach to that special person with whom I used to crave to share my feelings and wanted to share the pain together and this is also meant for all the pretty ladies out there who might have loved and lost. Its to remind you that nothing defines the end of the world, in fact every painful situation does make you much stronger and mature in every way. I believe few things are destined and we should just be grateful to what we have and enjoy every bit of it because you never know what destiny has in store for you. As everyone has their stories, I too had an amazing love story which made us (me and my partner) experience all the different emotions one can ever feel, from being on cloud nine with so much of love to just managing to survive with the pain of getting separated; yeah we have experienced them all. But as it has been said, you never know what tomorrow will bring on your plate, similarly for being into a happy, loyal, respectful, and full of love kind of relationship for more than five great years, a tragedy happened and took it all away. From planning to get married to each other to suddenly seeing him getting married to someone else; I have experienced it all. The beauty of this separation was not that we cheated or we had some differences but I have made myself accept that it was all fate and some unexpected and uneventful family situations that led to such decisions. For days I felt, my world has crashed, I can not even imagine my life without him, If I have known love; it was only and only for him and what made it even worse that he was not there with me to share the pain or to help me go through it. I wish he could have been there and to share. I did not know who to blame, the guy or the situation as he was already into much deeper pain (he had lost his family members in an accident which led to these tragic family situations). But when you love someone, you have to give it all, you have to accept and share everything, come what may. It took me years to get over the pain and depression and to be able to accept that I have lived and enjoyed every second of that relationship and may be it was not meant to be forever. I do cherish every single memory, every joke, every fight, every surprise, every poem, every letter and every small and big things that we could possibly do in a long distance relationship, it’s all safe in my heart forever. Today, I am in a phase where I am mentally and emotionally ready to start my new journey and before that I wanted to pour my heart out about my journey of having an emotional transformation where I never lost hope and belief in love while keeping the past treasured forever in my heart. Maybe we meet somewhere in the sky to continue from where we left!!!

Holding on to life and still smiling

  • Author Name: deepshikha
    About the Author: The author, Naina (pen name) is a normal corporate girl working in Bangalore. She would describer herself as a happy-go-lucky person who enjoys her life to the fullest. She loves hanging out with friends, enjoy exploring different cuisines and travelling in her free time. For her, relationships matter the most in life and this book is a collection of her thoughts and feelings that she felt when she was in her lowest phase and could not feel any better. She wished she could share them with that one special person who could not be there, who was her comfort, her happiness. 
    Book ISBN: 9781005567347


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