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Description of the Book:

She then looked at the necklace on her, which he bought. I’m still searching for you, where have you gone? She screamed while standing in the middle of the road, drenched from the rain. I found her at the same place where they said goodbye to each other, both unknown of the fact that it was their last goodbye. She still visits that place every day and then glances at the gold necklace, which had their first photograph together. Filled with numerous questions in mind, she eagerly waited for Spring Season, as he promised to back by then, watching the snowfall through her window, waiting for the winters to pass away. Four months passed away since the last snowfall & it felt like nature skipped Spring this year on purpose. A lifelong wait, or at least that’s what she thought. Did the boy in the photograph came back - or was it just an illusion?


  • Author's Name: Daksh Ginwal
    About the Author: Daksh Ginwal was born and raised in the hills of the beautiful state of Uttarakhand. Growing up, Daksh was fascinated with the work of Pablo Neruda and Walt Whitman, which led him into the endless world of poetry. He is currently an academic student, an avid reader, a lazy trekker, an ancient history nerd, and working towards his very own, eco-friendly startup. He also tries to imitate Les Stroud, The Survivor Man, from time to time & almost kills himself every time. From his early teens, he started recording events in life through composing poems. Surrounded by nature since childhood and then growing up to witness its fast decline, he started writing about nature, taking inspiration from the surroundings, and contributing towards the fight for mother Earth. Hiraeth is a compilation of various poems, not being in any specific genre or theme, with a visible change in the writing style throughout the book. Hiraeth is Daksh's first book.


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