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Description of the Book :


Hiding Place is a collection of poems divided into four distinct chapters.

The first chapter 'Beneath My Bones' explores the way we as humans hide our deepest emotions within ourselves, underneath our ribcages, wrapped around our spinal cords, to reveal your secrets would be to tear yourself apart. The second chapter 'The Bottom Of The Ocean' explores the way falling in love feels like floating, and falling out of love feels like drowning, and that in the end, if you spend too much time hiding, you'll never be discovered. The third chapter 'Under The Bed' explores all the things we're too afraid to say out loud, to the point where you'd rather be haunted than truthful. The fourth chapter 'People I Never Thought I'd Lose' explores the idea that the people we love start off as strangers, and will likely become strangers again.

In the end, Hiding place is my own personal love letter, to the girl I used to be, and the one I hope I am becoming.

Hiding Place

  • Author Name :  Ruby Kathyrn


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